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Start Tutorial

You will need
planty upon product registration and Wi-Fi connection, soil, water 450ml, seed or seedling.

Stpe 1. Filling the soil

1. Obtain nutrient-rich culture soil.
2. Remove the cartridge and fill the pot with soil evenly.If you have special nutrient-rich soil, you may cover the soil with the nutrient-rich soil on top. Do not compact the soil as it may hinder drainage.
3. Take care not to block the water spray hole. Too much soil in the pot may cause malfunction as it may enter into the water spray hole.

Stpe 2. Planting seed/seedling

Seed Planting 1.
Make a small hole as shown in the photo. It does not matter if the hole is small, but make sure not to make it too deep as it will be hard for the seed to sprout.
Seed Planting 2.
Plant a seed and cover it with soil. Soaking seed before planting will speed the germination.
Seed Planting 3.
Maintain the soil surface wet until the seed sprouts.
Seedling Planting 1.
Place the seedling in the center of cartridge. Take care not to plant the seedling too shallow or too deep.
Seedling Planting 2.
Cover the surrounding with soil without blocking the spray hole.

Stpe 3. Filling in the water

1. Fit the cartridge to planty and open the top rubber cap.
2. Fill the water in. The temperature of water shall be similar to the air temperature, and the ordinary tap water is preferred to the purified water. Be aware that water shouldn't be too hot or too cold.
3. Fill in about 450ml of water. The water level is checked with the LED.

Finally, Remember!

Place the pot by the sunny window.
Place planty on a level surface.
Do not block the illumination sensor.
Avoid high humidity.
Keep planty in a well-ventilated place.
Connect power using the USB power.
Keep planty within the Wi-Fi zone.

How to Use

Start the App.
Sign up for planty service
Tap ‘Register planty’ from ‘planty list’ and continue product registration process.

Serial numbers necessary to the register process are on the bottom of the product or manual enclosed with.
1. Start the App.
2. Tap ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ from ‘planty list’.

○ Make sure Wi-Fi should be the same with your planty.
You can check current state with LED below the product.

1. All LED dimming at the same time - Waiting for network connection
2. LED blinking from side to side - Trying to connect to the old network
3. LED turning on from the right side - Connecting to server
4. The first LED flickering - Not enough water in the water tank
5. N LED flickering - LED indicates the water level in the water tank
For example, if there is one LED flickering, the water level in the water tank is 20%.
6. All LED flashing fast - Updating firmware
Do not unplug until the firmware update is completed. It can cause damage to the product.
When you register your planty with App, there will be a empty slot in ‘My plant’.

1. Tap ‘Add plant’.
2. Tap ‘Recommendations’ or ‘Choose from the list’.
3. Continue the plant registration process from your choice.
1. Please check your planty is connected.
2. Find a hole next to usb slot on the backside bottom of planty.
3. Press default button in the hole for 3 seconds using clip.
4. Refer to [User guide/How to use/LED state information].
The link will be shared with your friends.

1. Go to ’My plant’ and choose the plant you would like to share with your friend.

2. iOS : Tap person-shaped figure.
Android : Android : Tap ‘Friend list’

3. Through ‘Invite friends’, you can send the link to friends by both email and SMS.
Your friends who receive it will be able to join and grow your plant together after signing up.
Try poking your planty at ‘planty list’. Then the LED of planty will be flickering.

How to clean and care

Unplug the product before cleaning.
Please be cautious that water does not enter LED indicator and power connector.

1. Unplug the product and disassemble the cartridge from the body part.
2. Rinse the cartridge part under running water.
3. Wipe the inner side of the body with a soft dry cloth.

Safety Precautions

Planty contains electronic components inside. Substances contained in this product may damage the environment and/or human health if handled and disposed of improperly. Please be sure to follow these precautions.

Do not immerse the product in water.
Do not pour water into the water nozzles.
Do not expose the product to extremely high or low temperatures.
Extreme environments can create unwanted distortions, cracks and defects in the product.
Extreme environments can create unwanted distortions, cracks and defects in inner PCBs and shorten the product life.
Do not place the product near heaters.
Always keep the unit on a firm, flat, and stable surface.
Do not tilt the product containing water. It can cause water damage to the product.
Do not add more than 450ml of water in the water tank. It can cause water damage to the product.
Do not add more than 650ml of soil in the cartridge. It can cause damage to the product.
Do not handle the plug with wet hands.
Do not insert any object in the water tank.
Do not reuse used water in the pot saucer. It can cause damage to the water pump.
Do not touch the surface of the sensors with any hard or sharp objects.
Unplug the power cable before cleaning the product and filling the water tank.
Do not clean the body part under running water.
Do not attempt to disassemble the top cover and bottom parts of the body.
Keep this product out of the reach of children and pets.
If you have this product repaired by an unauthorized vendor, our warranty may be voided even within the warranty period.
If you encounter any problem with this product, please contact local distributor.
Non-waterproof product. Do not clean the product under running water.


Planty is a pot for home use. Please take care of it at home.
exposed to the outside.
Planty is not a waterproof pot. Don’t expose it to the outside or clean it up with water.
If you want to clean it up, please refer to [User guide/ How to clean and care].
No LED flickering? Please check below.

○ Is your usb cable working well?
○ Is the cable put in a right way?
○ Is your adapter DC5V?
― If your LED works well
please check out [User guide/How to use/LED state].
Try to check the connection by ‘poke’ or starting again.

― If your LED does not flicker
Please check the cable and the adapter.
Planty measures the sensor every 10 minutes. It will show you every change if you restart App.
If you doubt that there is a trouble with the sensor itself, check the result again after 30 minutes.

― Humidity sensor
It takes a while to absorb and to be measured by the sensor right after watering.
Take your time and recheck.
1. Take the cartridge out from the pot.
2.Pour the water until the humidity sensor is immersed and touch the sensor with your finger.
3. Start the App and check the humidity sensor again.
○ If cartridge is separated and combined again, press soil gently
It is hard to measure the data if there is space between the sensor and the soil.

― Light sensor
The indoor light could show lower results than the outdoor light could.
○ Put a pot in a right place so that the light sensor can be exposed well.
○ Keep the light sensor clean.
○ Try again after getting cellphone or flashlight closer to the sensor.
○ Power plug: Unplug and reinsert the plug securely into the outlet.
○ Network: Check the connection between Planty and the Wi-Fi router.
○ Check the water tank if any object is inserted.


Search planty in English. It could not appear if searched in Korean or other languages.
For Android 4.2 or later and for iOS 8.1 or later can you use it.
Please ensure which OS version you are using now.
○ Firstly, check your network connection. If connected to Wi-Fi, try to connect with data network.

○ If it is not possible to connect with data network, make sure whether the connected Wi-Fi is usable or not.
If connected to Wi-Fi starting with planty_AP, try to connect with another one.

○ Check on Google play or App store if the installed App version is the latest one. If it still does not work, then delete the App and reinstall.
Currently we are supporting English, Japanese and Korean. Other languages will be updated soon.
You can use ‘settings>feedback’ in planty App.

If you capture the screen or explain us about how the error and bug occured, we will try our best to help you as soon as possible.
On the screen with log in and sign up is there password resetting button when you tap log in.
After putting your account in and tapping the resetting button, we will send you a link then you can reset your password.
Please write us on
Please write us on with serial number. It is on the bottom of the product or manual.


○ If it is secured Wi-Fi, enter the password again.

○ t could be user’s network problem. We recommend you WPA for security
WEP which is old and less safer does not support.
For more details, check out Wi-Fi network administrator or router setting web page

― Wi-Fi encryption list
Supported network : O / Not supported network : X
Wi-Fi Available Check
Open Mobile no P/W O
Reset your planty, and try again.
Refer to [User guide/How to use/ Planty Reset]
Planty collects 12 signals of Wi-Fi. If you can not see the router to use

1. iOS : Go to ‘others’ on the right end of list
2. Android : Go to ‘other Wi-Fi networks’ on the right end of list

- Put down SSID and PASSWORD that you want to use directly.

○ Check your router works well.
○ Jamming could occur if there are a lot of devices to connect to the Wi-Fi.
○ Use your planty within the recommended range.
○ If the Wi-Fi signal strength of the router displayed on the mobile is weak
Current connection state can be checked from both LED and APP.

- With your planty : LED
Current state can be shown with LED on the bottom of planty.
Please refer to [User guide/How to use/ LED state]

― With your App : Restart the page
1. Go to ‘planty list’.

2. You can find it on the right bottom of the page.
If connection is normal, it will show you ’connected’. If not, ‘disconnected’.

3. You can restart the page or poke the planty to recheck current connection.


Any plants will be fine if they fit into the cartridge we provide.
However, it would be difficult if plant is not proper to grow inside.
Planty provides you data of plants good to grow at home.

[See recommendations]
You can choose plants we provide on the list.
If you have any information about breeding condition, you can search it easier.
There are three kinds of plants and the conditions are below.

○ General(Indoor)
It includes general plants possible to be grown inside.
Temperature : 18~24℃, Light : 5,000 lux and more

○ General(Vegetable)
It includes green vegetables.
Temperature : 15~25℃, Light : 20,000 lux and more

○ General(Herb)
It includes herbs.
Temperature : 15~25℃, Light : 10,000 lux and more
Please send us breeding conditions of the plant.
We will consider the plant to be updated after some phases of testing.
We hope you to be interested in general plant list before then.
It depends on moisture and nourishment of the soil.
If the plant to grow likes water, use moisturizing soil. If the plant does not like water, use less moisturizing soil.
We kindly recommend you to buy small amounts of soil whenever you need.